Infrastructure Services

Turn data into the business visibility to make accurate and timely decisions. Capitalize on emerging market opportunities. Operate more efficiently and profitably with differentiating levels of service and customer satisfaction.


  • “Faced with continuous growth of monthly telecommunication traffic and serious tasks for traffic analysis and routing management the Brilliant Telecom has opted for the BI solution most suitable […]

    Evgeny Egorov
    General Director of Brilliant Telecom
  • “Our user group extends from marketing program assistants through to our CEO, so the influence can inform tactical to strategic decision-making. Most of the dashboard metrics are […]

    Chris Hines
    Vice President, Marketing Intelligence, Agora Publishing
  • “Traditional BI software lacked the fast time to market that we as a utility required and was much less cost effective than QlikView. As a Business Discovery platform […]

    Sean Smith
    Head of Business Systems, South Staffs Water

Successfully Navigate Your Changing Environment

Industries that provide infrastructure services are in the throes of change. Companies must manage rising costs, regulatory changes, expanding populations and new competitive landscapes due to mergers and acquisitions. Around the globe, companies must re-examine every aspect of their business to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Visibility drives better business performance Using QlikView, leading infrastructure services companies worldwide can:
  • Improve the accuracy of demand forecasts
  • Increase customer satisfaction, services and revenue
  • Improve the fluidity and costs of operational processes
  • Increase visibility and control of financial and regulatory risks
  • Expedite consolidation of operations following merger or acquisition

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why more than 500 infrastructure service providers worldwide have turned to QlikView to overcome their information challenges and improve their performance.

Transform data into fast, reliable decisions

Companies within the infrastructure services sector house vast amounts of operational and customer data. QlikView turns that data into information to make smart business decisions. Amid the numerous variables that can affect decisions, QlikView extracts the necessary insights to answer often complex business questions.

Our Customer Success

  • South Staffs Water
  • Agora Publishing
  • Brilliant Telecom
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