Manufacturing & High Tech

The Manufacturing & High Tech Sector comprises the following industries: Automotive, Industrial & Aerospace, Consumer Products, High Tech, Mill Products, Chemicals


  • “Our ‘Value Plus’ initiative aimed at delivering sales and marketing excellence has been a very successful project for Amcor Australasia. It has been so successful, because we managed […]

    Rob Pyne
    General Manager Australasia Corporate Services, Amcor
  • “Canon India has a centralized data centre at the corporate office and is connected to all the locations through Virtual Private Network. The process of churning out reports […]

    Shikha Rai
    Assistant Director, IT, Canon-India
  • “We could hardly believe it ourselves – our first application was ready after just six hours […]

    Joachim Walsdorff
    Head of IT, PRIMAGAS
  • “If a sales representative goes to customer knowing the latest purchase figures, what items the customer uses most, its financial situation and commercial margins, this is extremely valuable […]

    Fernando Benito Monreal
    Managing Director, Enganches y Remolques Aragón

Operate Leaner, Smarter and more Efficiently

Manufacturers sell their products to end customers or to other manufacturers who use the products as components. There are many parties involved in this supply chain with each needing to add value to the end product or service to differentiate themselves and drive competitive advantage. This interdependent and connected value chain relies on transparency and collaboration in order to deliver products at the appropriate cost and quality within stringent and continually evolving environmental and legislative Regulations.

Market success depends on a new business agility that responds rapidly to demand changes, supply chain risks and fluctuating energy, commodity and transport costs — and enables new product innovation by synchronizing activities across functions and processes.

Using the QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) solution, leading manufacturing companies worldwide can:
  • Gain real-time visibility across the entire supply chain
  • Measure operational efficiency & increase the effectiveness of process improvement methodologies
  • Collaborate effectively with suppliers, partners and customers to improve business agility
  • Mitigate supplier, compliance and cost volatility risks
  • Maximize marketing and sales efficiency
  • Gain visibility of inventory across the organization
  • Optimize innovation processes to drive enhanced time to value
  • Enable Regulatory, Compliance and Sustainability agendas & obligations

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why manufacturing companies worldwide are using QlikView to overcome their Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and improve their business performance.

Increase business agility with quick, measurable success

Manufacturing companies today require more flexible business models and real-time decision making intelligence. The QlikView business intelligence (BI) solution delivers measurable success quickly with no risk, minimal investment, and without having to commit substantial resources. Anyone within your business, as well as your suppliers and distributors, can use QlikView, with applications customized to each user’s needs.

Our Customer Success

  • Enganches y Remolques Aragón
  • Canon India
  • Amcor Australasia
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