Access vast amounts of information and discover insights in minutes, not weeks or months. Experience that ‘a-ha’ moment of discovery faster. Improve efficiencies and meet the government’s mandate to do more with less. Expedite access to data to deliver actionable intelligence faster


  • “QlikView provides analysis of local surveys to show whether we are doing a good job. It guides us towards local priorities for fighting crime and anti-social behaviour […]

    Dr. Richard Bullock
    Force Performance Analysis Manager, Devon and Cornwall Police

Expedite access to data to deliver actionable intelligence faster

Business Discovery for Government Knowledge Workers:
  • Reduce IT costs by empowering analysts with a modern, easy to use decision support platform;
  • Meet demands for transparency and efficiency;
  • Turn data into information that inspires understanding and reduces the manual manipulation of reports;
  • Empower analysts with user-driven Business Discovery capabilities that enables them to quickly and easily explore data in a natural way;
  • Aggregate and analyze high volumes of data from multiple, disparate sources;
  • Search across all data quickly to see the big picture and make better decisions to support the mission
Unlock information to drive efficiency

QlikView empowers Agency executives and staff to access to information in ways never before possible. The QlikView architecture allows for rapid consolidation and delivery of information, allowing Agencies to meet Administration requirements. With QlikView, Agencies gain insight in data, allowing them to plan, implement, and manage resources quickly and efficiently.

Cyber Analytics

To defend your network, you must understand and monitor the entire environment; QlikView provides support that is secure, robust, and fast, helping you to:

  • - Correlate disparate information from across the entire environment and integrate all network data sources in one federated analytic application,
  • - Reduce the time required to sift through information to discover targeted attacks by associating disparate data in a unique way;
  • - Aggregate data from numerous sources to provide a single interface, enabling the analyst to:
  • - Quickly spot trends or changes in network behavior;
  • - Identify network intrusions;
  • - Analyze data across the enterprise to create more comprehensive report and link analysis.

Financial Management

Static monthly reports are no longer sufficient in today’s world of austere budgets and regulatory oversight. With QlikView, you get get the complete view of all your data quickly, in a format that enables collaboration and visibility to meet the continuing demands of financial management.

With QlikView, you can:

  • - Reduce time and resources required for budget planning, track spend against budget, and consolidate financial reporting
  • - Tighten procurement and the tracking of contractor performance
  • - Search years of transaction data quickly to respond to auditors’ needs in days rather than weeks, providing a Clean Audit Opinion that improves audit readiness
  • - Provide a clean line of sight to agency spending by  tying overall budget execution back to program performance, resulting in improved program management and cost accounting
  • - —Improve decision making by providing real time access to all facets of the grants process, ensuring visibility and accurate information Consolidate Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) findings into a single, comprehensive dashboard that combines the mounds of reports, data and analysis that go into each AOA.
  • - Create a new standard for status meetings and briefings, ensuring that decisions are made based on the most up-to-date, comprehensive information

Logistics Support

Government organizations run some of the most complex supply chains in the world – and often lives depend on the efficiency and dependability of these processes. QlikView provides visibility into the overall supply chain, enabling drilldown access to the rich information in your ERP systems allowing you to optimize your force readiness.

QlikView enables you to:

  • - Improve visibility, allowing users to quickly identify lower cost providers and routes, delivering millions of dollars in savings to government agencies using this comprehensive supply chain analysis
  • - Spot bottlenecks  quickly and avert problems before they become major challenges
  • - Enable your Maintenance Depot to better predict requirements and parts needed for repair by providing  improved access to historical information
  • - Improve your Green IQ by monitoring and managing energy consumption and conservation

Program Management

How do you deliver more complex programs serving larger populations faster, cheaper, and better than before? QlikView’s simplicity, ease of use, and comprehensive capabilities help program managers deliver.

  • - Provide context and a way to make sense of the mounds of data, to support complex decision making and management requirements;
  • - Reduce the manual manipulation of spreadsheets to track program spend and resource allocation; instead deliver visibility and collaborative decision making through comprehensive, visually appealing and easy to understand dashboards and reports;
  • - Capture, integrate, and leverage multiple disparate types of data to enable collaboration and share business insights across the agency.
Acquisition Support
Imagine being able to look at your entire portfolio of contracts and providers in a single interface? QlikView enables this thru our Business Discovery platform. With QlikView agencies have a robust, secure, fast process of analyzing information from multiple sources and presenting the findings in one easy to understand dashboard, which allows extensive drill down capabilities. This Business Discovery platform allows a user to discover new pathways for efficiency to help government professionals make optimum choices based on facts. For example, where can we consolidate contracts, where do we have existing capability we can leverage rather than initiative a new acquisition, can we consolidate our maintenance contracts and spend across providers?
Project Management With QlikView it is easy to share information, review and update data, and present information in visually appealing graphics, to ensure milestones are being met, confirm the optimum approach is being implemented, and help keep the project on time, on budget, and supporting the mission.

Homeland Security

Turn Mounds of Data into Useful Information, Quickly and Securely

  • - Consolidate relevant data from multiple sources into a single application
  • - Integrate geospatial analysis and mapping tools for more effective data analysis, pooling all of the information in visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphics, charts, and dashboards
  • - Collaborate securely across users, groups, and agencies
  • - Access, analyze, and capture data from all the different devices your workforce chooses – desktop, tablets, or other mobile devices
  • - Map and analyze crimes, suspicious activities, and historical data to spot trends or anomalies
  • - Manage performance to ensure compliance and accountability, and to discover opportunities for improvements

Workforce Management

Maximize your workforce efficiency to ensure your resources are effectively supporting your mission. Program managers have daily access to ensure priority requirements are always covered. With QlikView, you can:
  • - Perform ‘what if’ scenarios in real-time to determine the optimum deployment of resources for mission readiness. And, you can actively monitor areas such as aging workforce, staffing needs, and mandatory training requirements
  • - Align employee skills sets, language skill, and clearance levels against current resources to ensure effective workforce management

Our Customer Success

  • Devon and Cornwall Police
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