High Tech

Collaborate closer with value chain partners to support innovation, reduce risk and cost during development cycles. Improve the accuracy of demand and supply forecasts and track leading indicators to adjust operations to reflect market changes, drive availability and improve operational efficiency.


  • “Canon India has a centralized data centre at the corporate office and is connected to all the locations through Virtual Private Network. The process of churning out reports […]

    Shikha Rai
    Assistant Director, IT, Canon-India

Making your data a competitive differentiator

High Tech companies operate in an industry characterized by intense, nimble competition, unrelenting cost and margin pressures, complex and dynamic supply chains and ever-shortening product life cycles. Innovation and speed to value is key in the market but there is the ever present risk of product obscelence. Partnerships and collaboration across the value chain are critical to reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Using QlikView Business Discovery platform, High Tech companies can:
  • Improve sales forecasting and orchestrate demand and supply by planning incorporating customer demand signals
  • Synchronize operational processes using real-time production insights
  • Improve collaboration with partners and suppliers by providing visibility and data insights across the entire value chain
  • Secure sourcing and procurement efficiencies
  • Manage product life cycles and innovation processes for optimal ROI across an extended partner network, protecting Intellectual Property
  • Ease administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis and reporting across business functions

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why High Tech companies are using QlikView to overcome their Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and improve their performance.

Complement your existing BI investments with QlikView

High Tech companies need insight on sales performance and operational efficiency to manage complex sales and partner channels and protect profitability. QlikView removes the barriers to working with real-time information through in-memory, associative technology that enables entire workforces to make timely, accurate decisions.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making.

Our Customer Success

  • Canon India
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